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BHB Unternehmensgruppe
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Am Handwerkerhof 18, 85540 Haar

Residential type

Condominium, Maisonette apartment


€349,900 - €1,359,900

Number of rooms

1 - 4 rooms


27 m² - 131 m²

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On request

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  • Balcony
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Underfloor heating
  • Loggia
  • Terrace
  • Sanitary outfitting from brand-name manufacturers
  • Real wood parquet
  • Communal garden

Property ID: 22516

Project views: 8.212

Last update: 21.06.2022

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Fairytale living in the Art Nouveau Park

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

Jugendstil in the Park

Attractive condominiums on the outskirts of Munich

New homes in an a fairytale Art Nouveau ensemble on the eastern city limits of Munich.

Live in an idyll with a spacious park, beautiful, old trees and surrounded by an ensemble of classic buildings from the Art Nouveau period.

The entire Jugendstilpark in Haar will be transformed into an attractive residential area on the outskirts of Munich over the next few years. Whether a chic 1-room apartment or a spacious ground floor apartment, the wide range of housing options is aimed at all age groups and situations.

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

A fairytale in strict form

"A Tribute to Art Nouveau"

Five new buildings, loosely distributed and sensitively integrated into the existing building, form the last of a total of three quarters. They translate the concept of pavilion architecture from the Art Nouveau period into the present day. The design thrives on the contrast between clear, rigorous form and restrained volumes with details borrowed from Art Nouveau, which give the buildings individual characteristics and special qualities. Thanks to the concept of interspersed point houses and the opening up of the extant divisions, the park with its more than hundred-year-old trees can flow gently through the entire residential complex. Like noble villas, these unique architectural pieces are gently integrated into the park landscape lined with old trees together with the old garden center and the other revitalized Art Nouveau jewels.

Embedded in the park, the residents can listen to the chirping of rare bird species in the private open space - fitted with a slab-edition terrace by Godelmann specially designed for the "Alte Gärtnerei" quarter.

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

Dazzling apartments

None are the same. All are stunning.

For families, couples, lifestyle artists – the right type of apartment for everyone.

From small to large, pointing upwards or leading into the park - the diverse types of apartments that comprise the Tausendschön project work for all requirements and adapt to the changes in life - always with a view of the park. The point houses and their gardens with half-height hedges are slightly raised and allow the park to flow into their grounds. The warm tonality of the fine clinker facade blends gently into the green surroundings.

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

Durable and beautiful, fine and elegant.

Ambience and outfitting combine to form a fine and elegant overall structure.

In terms of both architecture and interior, Tausendschön was finely composed as a paean to Art Nouveau: "hommage à l'art nouveau". Art Nouveau is an art movement in which artistic creations are made from precious materials under the aspect of a total work of art.

Enchanted paths - After strolling through the Art Nouveau park along winding paths specially made of terrazzo slabs by craft mason Godelmann, we are greeted at the door by a form-fitting copper door handle.

Artistic entrances - The entrance areas themselves are transformed into "halles d'art" thanks to the "Equilibrum" copper light installations by Munich light artist Philipp Frank. Further copper accents can be found in the fine ceiling lights by Tyrolean lighting designer Prolicht.

Blossoms - As if on cloud nine, the Azuleji "tile carpet" by the creator of the Italian fine stone Mutina lets us float, designed by the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. This was selected as a borrowing from the floral art nouveau with its curved flower patterns.

Elegance - On the apartment doors, elegant, copper-colored door handles show the way into the new home, where the fine play of copper colors can be found on the window handles or the bathroom fittings.

Pearls - A special edition of Pearls pendant lamps by the Munich design studio Formagenda with rings made of copper between pearls made of opaque glass has been designed for the Tausendschön project.

Diverse apartment types

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar
Upper-floor apartments

Floor-to-ceiling windows and loggia bring the park inside. The atmosphere, characterized by generosity and size with panoramic views, is consistent, from the compact one-room apartment with 27 square meters to the four-room apartment with 119 square meters. Numerous variants, each with clear layouts, in a continuous level with light from all sides, offer space for families, couples, singles.

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

The different architect-designed duplex apartments in each building are intelligently planned around corners and roofs, from two to four-and-a-half rooms, from 46 sqm to 116 sqm: loggias and large air spaces at the top, connecting stairs over several levels, flexible use of space on all sides and in different orientations.

Residential concepts
in a single space

The "Designpod" apartment

For students, singles and everyone who loves good design, independence, flexibility, creativity.

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

This well thought-out, multifunctional design jewel combines all aspects of daily life in a small space: relaxing, cooking, eating, working, sleeping, storing away - a harmonious residential concept in a single space, which not only makes the apartment chic, but also makes small rooms bigger. This quick-change artist is available in different materials in individual designs, made by local carpenters.


Rooftop terrace apartment

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

Breathe freely in the roof terrace maisonette apartment on the top floor. Located above the bay windows of the residential building, offering an all-round views, lots of sky above your head, smooth transitions between the outside and inside as well as spacious individual rooms and room situations. Each roof terrace apartment has a secluded 40 square meter roof terrace and 100 to 106 square meters of living space - the best atmosphere for everyone who is looking for something special and a lot of free space.

Live as if in your own house

Park apartments

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

An apartment that is actually a house within a house, immersed in the green of the park and yet urban, in many variants and sizes, from 1 to 4 rooms, from 27 sqm to 119 sqm.

On the ground floor with loggia and terrace, living as if in your own detached house, in the middle of a huge park. The garden is gently elevated, the beech grove hedge allows privacy, while two steps provide private access directly to the park. In a special version, the park apartment also has an atrium in the basement, a glazed light filter that not only intertwines the outside with the inside, but also ensures bright and unusual living spaces.

Life in Munich-Haar

Tausendschön - Alte Gärtnerei

Image new build property Tausendschön Munich / Haar

The municipality of Haar borders directly on Munich - and can be considered the easternmost district of Munich.

Local history includes the first settlements in the Harde woodland going back to the year 1050. At the beginning of the 19th century, local farmers were able to acquire their land in the course of secularization, and a steady upswing began with the opening of the railway station in 1898. At the beginning of the 20th century, life in Haar changed fundamentally again: the still standing Haar II hospital was built. Art Nouveau architecture, loosely grouped pavilion architecture for doctors and staff amidst greenery and trees created a park that was unique for its time. The idea of togetherness has retained its validity and from this the idea for the "new" Art Nouveau park was developed. Today some parts of this park are already finished.

The municipality of Haar with around 22,000 inhabitants offers optimal connections for private transport and local public transport. Haar is right next to the big city and yet in the countryside.

Many routes lead from Haar to the center of Munich, to the most important traffic junctions and to nature. 5 minutes to the A99, the Munich East Bypass, 10 minutes to the Munich Exhibition Center and 30 minutes to Munich Airport.

Around 7,000 professionals commute to or from Haar every day, and they do so quite comfortably. The Munich transport association counts Haar as part of the inner city zone, not only the price tariffs are attractive, but also the ten-minute intervals during peak traffic times. From the Haar train station, you can take the S-Bahn to Munich's Marienplatz in 18 minutes and Munich Central Station in 23 minutes.

Legal notice: The information provided about this property is an editorial content contribution from neubau kompass AG. It is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer in the legal sense. The editorial content offered here is published and controlled by neubau kompass AG according to §2 TMG. Information about commission payment obligations can be obtained from the provider. All information, in particular regarding prices, floor area, features, outfitting and readiness to occupy, is subject to change without notice. Errors excepted.

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