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New build properties in Ingolstadt

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Ingolstadt region
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Top real estate in Ingolstadt

More locations with property listings in and around Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt City Centre 2 Ingolstadt City North 1 Ingolstadt City South 2 Ingolstadt City East 4 Ingolstadt City West 1 Ingolstadt Area 6 Ingolstadt Area North 3 Ingolstadt Area East 2 Ingolstadt Area South 1 Ingolstadt Area West 1 Ingolstadt 26

Districts Ingolstadt

Altstadt South East 1 Altstadt South West 1 Antonviertel 1 Friedrichshofen 1 Monikaviertel 1 Oberhaunstadt 1 Ringsee 1 Rothenturm 1 Unterbrunnreuth 1 Unterhaunstadt 1

Real estate locations near Ingolstadt Distance from Ingolstadt up to 20 km

Ingolstadt 19 Lenting 1 Kösching 1 Geisenfeld 1 Neuburg an der Donau 1 Denkendorf in Bavaria 1

Real estate locations near Ingolstadt Distance from Ingolstadt over 20 km

Schrobenhausen 1 Bad Gögging 2 Gerolsbach 1 Gachenbach 1 Kühbach 1 Petershausen 1 Langquaid 1 Freising 5 Röhrmoos 1 Bad Abbach 1 Moosburg an der Isar 3

More real estate locations

Regensburg 13 Augsburg 13 Munich 110 Nuremberg 20 Fürth 7 Innsbruck 8 Stuttgart 6

Developers and marketers in Ingolstadt

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