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<span class="nbk-text-primary">Investments</span> with a future


Apartments as investments offer a variety of possibilities: the furnished/serviced or micro-apartment in modern residential complexes complemented by fitness rooms, communal roof terraces, coworking spaces and much more is in demand among students, young professionals and commuters. Most flats of this sort are built in locations with perfect infrastructure. With an investment like this, you fulfil the demand for property in top locations.

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<span class="nbk-text-primary">Investments</span> with a future

Care home

Thanks to increased life expectancies and demographic development in Germany, nursing care real estate is considered an investment with a future. The higher the service level, i.e. the more additional services offered, the more successful the property proves to be. For you as a buyer, a care-home flat entails little administrative effort: if you purchase an all-round carefree package, you can hand over maintenance and management tasks to a service operator.

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<span class="nbk-text-primary">Investments</span> with a future

Heritage-listed property

As a buyer of heritage-listed properties, you can look forward to interesting tax benefits. The keyword in the German market is "Denkmal AfA", and there are also possible additional funding opportunities and subsidies from the KfW, for example. If you buy a heritage-listed property as an investment, you can deduct up to 100 % of the renovation costs from your taxes over a period of twelve years. In addition, landmark buildings are conserved. A win-win situation for you and your respective municipality.

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<span class="nbk-text-primary">Investments</span> with a future

Holiday home

Especially in regions popular with holiday makers such as the Alps, the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, holiday real estate can prove to be a top investment. Experts have calculated that this form of investment is profitable as soon as the flat is rented out for at least 17 weeks a year. In addition to location, design and outfitting is also an important factor for success. The more comfortable features the holiday house offers in this respect, the better your returns.

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<span class="nbk-text-primary">Investments</span> with a future

Investment property

In view of fluctuating stock market prices and the continued high demand for housing, real estate investments are promising. Over a longer period of time, you can expect solid, stable profits with this type of asset. Another plus point: investment properties are considered inflation-proof. If you seek to sell your investment property after a minimum of ten years, you'll likely experience a tax-free increase in value.

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