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Frequently asked questions from our users

What is the procedure for buying from a developer?

What happens before and after the notary appointment?

How long does it take to move into my property?

What is important in financing and how can I find the best offer?

What factors are important for me when buying an investment property?

How high are the ancillary costs including taxes when buying a property?

Which developer is building in my desired region or in my favourite neighbourhood?

How do I use neubau kompass to stay well informed?

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We make the dream of owning your own home or a valuable and secure investment a tangible reality.

In view of the many offers and providers on our portal, you're sure to have many important, future-oriented questions. Wouldn't it be good to have experienced real estate experts at your side to give you competent advice?

If you wish, we can answer your questions over the course of a personal telephone call and ensure a safe route for you through the "real estate jungle"!

Salvatore Piciocchi - Kundenberatung

Salvatore Piciocchi
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I am happy to be available to you personally for non-binding advice on all your questions regarding new build real estate!

I support you with my expertise and my insights into the current projects at neubau kompass.

Use our service to arrange a telephone consultation appointment with me.

Also important to know: this service is completely free of charge for you. There is no contractual obligation and you will not receive any mails or calls from us as a result.

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